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Hey there, Not Little Enough Red Riding Hood

Lil' Miss's BIG TIPS episode 1 - Never Give Up on Love

Lil' Miss's live TV debut

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Happy Valentine's Day, my dirty birdies!

And remember, if you can't be with the one you love,
rub the one you were born with!



Vinnie Van Gogh
My new year's resolution is to be a better listener.
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the dicky birds

from all the characters of 10 Minutes Later!

Today Tomorrow ad   

Adolf Hitler
Right. So no-one donated to my crowdfunding. It's cool. Times are tough. I get it. But I'd still love to see y'all at my EXHIBITION! It'll be bitchin'! FREE entry, wine & nibbles. RSVP the FB event. See ya there!!

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Adolf Hitler
Yo dudes! I've started a crowdsourcing page for my new paintings. Hope to get enough for an exhibition. Plz support my art!! I'll love you forevrrrr!!!!!!!!
Support Hitler's new painting series!
Choose your support package. Donations start as low as 5 Deutsche mark. For 200 Deutsche mark you can touch Adolf's moustache!

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 neil armstrong dies age 82, lance armstrong still alive and kicking


Blue suitcase says...

I'd be lost without the compassionate guidance of my grandmother:

"If you ever find yourself penniless, turn to Faith -
she'll give you a great
job smuggling cocaine
in from Venezuela."

Nanna prefers to think of the condom as half-full.

Public service announcement on Africa by Little Miss

Adolf Hitler
Hey everyone, check out my new drawing! It's for my folio to get into the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
If you like it, 'like' it. Thanks guys!!!!!


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bad invention #87

Willpower for Weightloss!   
 elasticated breast implants.
  the dicky birds

Anna X Tortionist
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy,
but here's our demands, we have your baby.

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Tom Jones
Sex doll, sex doll, you're my sex doll, I can fast-inflate you when I need to fill your hole... 
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Nanna would tell my brothers:

The only thing to fear in life,
is fear itself. Unless you were were born with an ugly penis.
In which case you had better become very, very rich.

They're all extremely successful suicidists now.

Ingrid Elkner 
I can't wait to meet a sweet, thoughtful,
loving guy so I can utter those 5 little words:
"I'm not wearing a bra".

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